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My Writing Process Blog Chain

I was tagged into this by Beth Matthews, who asked me to do it in March (Sorry, Beth, I forgot!) and more recently by Alex Haist.  Beth and Alex were my suite-mates at Viable Paradise, and they became friends very, very … Continue reading

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The Power of Diverse Authors and Stories

When I first started reading Anne Leckie’s Ancillary Justice, I commented to a friend that I didn’t like the “linguistic trick” of using “she” for characters the narrator KNEW were male.  The ambiguous gender of the narrator didn’t bother me. And … Continue reading

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The Nebula Award Weekend: Day 1

So, I’m here at the Nebula weekend.  It’s weird, and frankly I’m not sure I’ll ever entirely get used to talking to people I’ve been reading for years–Tad Williams said hello and I damn near lost the power to speak … Continue reading

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Still here, just busy

So, yeah.  I’m still here, and I’m still writing.  But I’m also hip-deep in the End of the Year nonsense.  I’m getting my 9th graders through Night, teaching units on Media Bias to my 10th graders, and grading essays for my … Continue reading

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