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A Teacher complains. That’s new…

Dammit. Not only do I have to co-teach this year, but ALL my 9th grade classes are co-taught Special Ed inclusion classes (which I can’t stand teaching in the first place). I don’t like co-teaching even when I like the … Continue reading

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Today’s Bout of Impostor Syndrome

I feel like SUCH an impostor today.  I can’t work on the novel, because it’s what I’ll be workshopping at Viable Paradise in October, and I’ll probably need to change a thousand things about it, so why keep working on … Continue reading

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State of the Me

I find I’m reticent to write a lot of the things I’m thinking lately; partly because a lot of it strike me as ephemeral crap I don’t really want to think about, and partly because I’ve grown weary of debate … Continue reading

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