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Brief Update

Still not writing much.  The end of the year is a rough time; right now we’re knee deep in CST examinations, which borks the whole week.  The one bright spot in that is that I can use today to catch … Continue reading

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Status Post

So. Hi. It’s been a while. Writing: Not happening.  This is the time of year where I get sod-all done, writing-wise.  I’m swamped with essays to grade, I need to make sure my last quarter’s lesson plans are set, there’s … Continue reading

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Short bits: My dad, my writing

  This is my dad, at Yosemite in 1993, about nine months before he died.  Until yesterday, the only pictures I’d ever seen of him were childhood photos, and a few pictures where I was 2 and he was 24. … Continue reading

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