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What a difference a day makes…

So.  I took care of my sister-in-law for a couple of days.  Today was my brother’s hearing, where the judge refused to let him go without bail, and refused to lower the bail to $500.  So, with my wife’s support, … Continue reading

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Life is messy.

So my brother got arrested.  Let’s not worry over why; suffice to say it’s an administrative issue and one we’ll say no more about.  However, when I heard what was going on, and that his wife, who is already dealing … Continue reading

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A New Life

My brother and his wife had their second child last night; she’s adorable.  They named her Skye. It’s very strange to have one’s family grow by four in just two weeks.  The more I talk with Jason, the more we … Continue reading

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Why did no one tell me about… Scenes from a Multiverse?

Seriously, I’ve wasted about an hour reading Scenes from a Multiverse.  It’s funny–though some strips, not so much. It’s subversive.  It’s pretty cool.  Check it out. Wow, that’s some write up.  I are a writer!  

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Life, she just keeps getting weirder

So.  I’m 41 years old.  And yesterday my paradigm totally shifted.  This is not about writing. This is about family, and yearnings that go back nearly 40 years. But first, some background: I was born in 1971.  My parents divorced … Continue reading

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What is going on in American culture?

And I specify American culture because while I have a bunch of head-knowledge about other nations, I’ve only visited Mexico so far (You’re next, UK!), and I would hesitate to say I knew a lot about that culture after only … Continue reading

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The Best Writing Advice EVER

Novelist Myke Cole, author of the Shadow Ops series, linked via twitter to this blog post by novelist Chuck Wendig.  Now, I haven’t read anything Wendig has written other than this post, but based only on this, I’m going to … Continue reading

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