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Is this the end? Or a beginning?

I’m considering something I’ve always said I would never do: participate in NaNoWriMo. Understand, I see NaNoWriMo as a thing for people who aren’t really serious about writing, but are dabblers. But that’s not only pretty stupidly elitist, it’s also … Continue reading

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I’m terrible with money. I’ve been relatively poor and I’ve been well off in my life, and I infinitely prefer doing well.  But I have a problem–when I’m doing well, it’s much harder for me to control spending. I’m fine … Continue reading

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Still tinkering…

While perhaps I should put more effort into the actual posting of regular updates instead of the look of the site, I continue to mess with it.  Meh.

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Well, ok then!

Last night, watching an episode of “Big Bang Theory,” a line Wolowitz said made me change a significant chunk of my WiP. The line was “It’s the Jewish prayer for eating bread; we don’t have one for falling out of … Continue reading

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Life… don’t talk to me about life.

My daughter turned 5 last week.  Other than that, life’s been pretty much a constant stream of “Get up; go to work; attempt to teach apathetic teenagers their own language, as well as logic, how to construct an argument, how … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wonder: The California Redwood Forests

There are few things so beautiful as the California Redwoods.  I live hours away from them, but I manage a pilgrimage at least once per summer.  If anything makes me reluctant to leave this state, it’s this. 

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