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A KIPP Teacher On What Is Missing

A KIPP Teacher On What Is Missing. This is an excellent summary of what is wrong with American education today, and how kids are missing out on an important facet of their education because politicians and business people have decided … Continue reading

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Friday Fragment, brought to you today by WordPress losing my post.

I had a long post about Serious Business.  But WordPress ate it.  Damn it.  So here’s a fragment, Chapter 2 of The War for Earth The Remembrance War book one, which has as working titles Pathfinder and The Finder, neither of which I … Continue reading

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Progress: not much, but it’s there.

I have been working on a scene that I just couldn’t make work.  And I couldn’t leave it alone to come back to it later, even though there is plot after the scene that I have mapped out pretty well. … Continue reading

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No More Excuses

I keep making excuses why I can’t write.  Too busy.  Kid needs my attention.  Too tired.   Note to self: STOP IT. Just STOP.  You are NEVER going to publish, or even get close to it, if you don’t suck … Continue reading

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I want my mommy.

I’m 41 years old.  My mother died when I was 5.  My father was in prison at the time, and I never saw him again.  He died in 1993; I didn’t find his address until 2 years after he had … Continue reading

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Thank the Nine! And the One!

Nothing like a little gratuitous geek reference. Well, my admin finally ironed out the issue with my fifth period class, and now it’s a much more manageable 35 kids.  Mind you, I’d prefer it was more like 25, but we … Continue reading

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First Week: Almost Over

First week has gone pretty well.  I enjoy my classes, except for one.  It’s not the class’ fault–it’s the administrations.  You see, I have 52 students registered in the class, in a classroom with only 35 desks.  It’s a fire … Continue reading

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