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Is there anyone who likes Monday?  I’m at work, dealing with students who are taking statewide standardized tests, and being as annoying as they can be about it.  And I’ve also got my kid in my memory, crying that she … Continue reading

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Why I like The Emperor’s Club

Most “teacher” movies are about how a teacher, usually young, usually in their first year, idealistic, bucks “the system” and inspires a group of kids.  They’re usually inspiring and cool… and total bullshit. Even the ones based on a true … Continue reading

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Friday Fragment! This week: Chapter 1

I decided to start a tradition of posting a fragment of writing each Friday.  Sometimes it’ll be flash fiction, sometimes it’ll be a poem, other times a piece of non-fiction and sometimes even a chapter, finished or in-progress.   Some weeks they’ll be … Continue reading

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But will I love them tomorrow?

Got home with the bun and, since she was happily reading her new books, I opened up Scrivener and slammed out another 1000 words, bringing the word count on the WiP (the working title of which changes almost daily, so … Continue reading

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State of The Book

Despite having plotted out Warden’s Call, I recently got a brainwave on Dreams of Earth (or whatever I’ll call it tomorrow) that fixed the problems I’d been having since losing the manuscript in the Great Disk Death of 2011.  This … Continue reading

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Inevitably, my brain kills my momentum

So, now I’m thinking “You’re an idiot.  Why are you even bothering with VP?  You won’t get in, and even if you’re accepted, you probably can’t actually go, so give up.” And there’s some truth there–even if accepted, I might … Continue reading

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Spring Break Day 4

I got Warden’s Call plotted out.  I took the execrable third section of the story, warped some of it into a better story, and resurrected some old plot points I’d cut originally to make the story a little more sensible. Now … Continue reading

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